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Audtion Pieces for NYC--YOU help decide!?


Two weeks from now, I'll be heading up to NYC for another stint of auditions for Broadway Musical Theatre.

I have A LOT on my plate right now, and would like some suggestions on pieces to perform for 16-bars.

I have a wide range, but am most comfortable as a mezzo soprano (having performed as Eponine, Fontine, Marguerite St. Just, Elphiba, Lucy, Maria Von Trapp and others).

I refuse to do anything from Les Mis (although I LOVE it), Wicked, or Phantom.

I was thinking the following:

"A New Life"- Jekyll and Hyde

"Hold On"- The Secret Garden"

"I'll Forget You"- The Scarlet Pimpernel

if you have other suggestions, please note them. You also might get a better idea of how I sound from a clip at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmShBKTp4...



Thanks so much for all the help!!
Audtion Pieces for NYC--YOU help decide!?
None of the URL's worked, just to let you know.. :(
Reply:How to do your best in Auditions: http://www.auditions.com/article_3.php

Auditions tips: http://www.auditions.com/article_3.php

How To Find Auditions http://www.auditions.com/article_5.php
Reply:I have a suggestion and you don't have to take it, but I tend to favor this one particular song. Though I haven't auditioned on Broadway (or even in NYC) before, this song is classic and fun.

"Give My Regards to Broadway."

By: George M. Cohan.

I'm not able to listen to your singing right now, but it was just a suggestion.
Teeth Cleaning

What do you think of these quirky nature names?


Clematis (Clemmie)










They are mainly flower names in English or different languages.
What do you think of these quirky nature names?
Clematis (Clemmie)-Clemmie's a cute nickname for a baby but i don't think either of them are good for an adult

Saffron-i like it. I knew a little girl with this name and her parents called her Saffy.

Fiore-sound elegant and french. Good.

Posy-It sounds like Pansy which reminds me of the blonde girl from the queens nose. I prefer Pansy to Posy.

Tansy-I love the name but my sis went to school with a girl called Tansy who now pregnant with twin and shes 16 or 17.

Astère-Space age

Marguerite-I don't like it.

Achillea-It would sound nice when said by someone with a sexy european accent.

Ivy-Pretty. Reminds me of a kind hearted, full of energy old lady who is sitting in a conservatory winding flowers through fences.

Clemencie-I don't like it.

Reply:If you want to plant a flower garden these would all be great flowers to plantl. If you want to name your child and have her not be teased or have her name misprounced for her whole life than don't use any of these. Ivy is a ugly name, Clematis is like clitoris, Posy will be called Pose her whole life, Tansy will be called Teenie Tansy, Marguerite will sound like the drink, Achillea sounds like your achilles tendon, Fiore sounds like fire, Saffron makes me hungry. So sorry no go here.
Reply:I love Tansy!

And as for children being bullied, I partly agree that it is not necessarily because of their name, but I think in some situations it doesn't help. I went to college with a girl called Iona Hoare and she survived!

I also love unusual names, and would like to think that I will chose less common names for my future children, however there are certain names I would not chose due to bullying ammunition....
Reply:Clematis - I dont like this at all

Saffron - I think its a nice name, when I hear it I picture a girl with ginger hair in bunches and freckles :) lol

Fiore - I'm not too keen on this as a name

Posy - as above

Tansy - as above

Astere - how would you pronouce this? I cant really comment as I dont know the pronounciation but the spelling looks nice.

Marguerite - I've never been too sure on this name. I think its okay if the person uses a nickname like Maggie or Marge

Achillea - dont like it. I think "achilles heal" when I hear it!

Ivy - nice and simple. I like it, I think it would suit a longer middle name; e.g. Ivy Alexandra, Ivy Clementine

Clemencie - I dont like it


My favourites are Ivy and Saffron
Reply:Clematis (Clemmie) - is awful

Saffron - is pretty but every girl i have ever met called saffron has been a chav.

Fiore - ok

Posy - cute

Tansy - pretty

Astère - nope

Marguerite - pretty, the french for margaret

Achillea - not reallt

Ivy - its ok but sounds a bit old

Clemencie - sounds like a medicine.

clementine is pretty but marguerite is my favourite form you list. how about; violet, lilly, rose or willow instead though.
Reply:Clematis - no, clemmie sounds awful

Saffron - funky, I've actually got a cuz called this.

Fiore - Like it

Posy - sounds like a rag doll

Tansy - nope

Astere - similar to esther but not too bad.

Marguerite - yeah can see it as a name.

IVY - no, its a granny name, conjures up pics of old women.

Clemencie - sounds too much like clementine

Achillea - sounds too much like a tendon
Reply:Clematis and Clemencie sound like diseases..sorry. I don't really like Achillea or Astere. THe reast are ok. Favourite probably Fiore. The others seem kind of old-personish.
Reply:I like Ivy best it's my sister's name :) but I love all the other ones too, especially Fiore and Saffron (reminds me of 'Mellow Yellow').
Reply:Okay, if you're dying for a name that you can nickname Clemmie, then may I recommend Clementine? Clematis sounds like an STD, sorry!! I love Ivy and Marguerite though.

Best Wishes!!
Reply:there are a few here i like





i also like




Reply:i love Astere,Achillea,Saffron, and Clemencie :D
Reply:saffron is nice.



and ivy

the names starting with clem sound a bit like STD's

Reply:The only suitable ones are Saffron and Ivy.
Reply:Clematis sounds like a lady part. I don't know which one - it just sounds a bit gynaelogical.
Reply:I like:

Clematis (Clemmie)


Reply:The only ones I like are Ivy and Clementine.
Reply:Honestly, the only one I would pick would be Ivy. As far as nature names go, I like Meadow or Willow.
Reply:ivy , marguerite or clementine
Reply:I think the best out of them, in my opinion, is Ivy. My fav nature name is Willow though.
Reply:I personally like this name

Brooke Willow


Tansy is cute too!
Reply:they sound Odd, and might get a kid beat up in school [ i know from experiance] but i Love Ivy
Reply:I like Ivy, Saffron, Astere -all nice names
Reply:I like Ivy.
Reply:perhaps wheatgrass?
Reply:Posy is cute :)
Reply:I love Saffron
Reply:From the list, I only like Ivy
Reply:i like saffron best x

The Curse On The Fore-Head Of A Fool. Do You Curse The Same?

The Curse On The Fore-Head Of A Fool

Shower O Shower

My Curse and Power

Hell O Hell

Where Black Prince Dwell

Fire O Fire

Let Devils Inspire

Pour O Pour

Black Milk too sour

Mouth O Mouth

The Fool Uncouth

Pine O Pine

The Bloody Swine


Take a shaft

Fly After Him

Take a shaft

Fly After Him

Take a shaft

Fly After Him

And kill him with a grim!

Beat Him Twice

Beat Him Thrice

Beating Six or Seven is Nice

Beat him Then

Beat Him Ten

Beating Nine or Ten is Wise


I am leaving Yahoo Answers. Shall Return the Day TD come back.

I love TD, Dondi, Elaine, Bayard Lady, Neoman, Sher, Damsel in Distress, Elysland, Harrygams, KilRoy's Sister, Grannyjill, Spytfyr, Semper Fi Reborn, Marguerite and every one else in my contact list and fan list.

Love and remember You,

Jay, "The Silver Bells"
The Curse On The Fore-Head Of A Fool. Do You Curse The Same?
Jay, don't go. How can we fight the devil if our Angels keep leaving?

How can we let one sick individual tear us apart. TD is not going forever...read his last statement that I posted for him.

He has business to attend and wants things to calm down a bit and then he'll be back. I'm sure of it. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...
Reply:Wow this is fantastic but your words are to kind foe that slime bucket liar cheat and a down right creep but i liked your words better.T.D.you have more class on your fingernail than dead prince has in his whole worthless body...I hope you;ll let me come along if you all make a poet sight .I am a quick learner' and i;ll do all the sweeping and mopping lol Cami.
Reply:Jay! You can't go too. It's bad enough we are losing one amazing poet and person due to someone's shallow idiocity....but we can't lose two!!

Are we going to start dropping one by one? If so, we should have another place to go...
Reply:Write a complaint to the following:


If enough of us do it, something will be done.
Reply:BELL'S.....TD WILL BE BACK!!!!!

What the hell is going on??? He's taking a time-out....that is ALL!!! Working on Dr.Swetman's book of poetry....one deadline for the Pulitzer Nomination is in JUNE!!!!!!!!

Reply:I'm considering leaving as well. I'm tired of all this. If I stay on Yahoo, it will be in the Education section. Haven't quite made up my mind yet.
Reply:The sharpened stick will return, refreshened and always in tune!
Reply:Everybody take a deep breath ........

That horses azz is winning I enjoy ALL that you had mentioned

Please don't leave over ONE IDIOT

Have to stay %26amp; be STRONG ........

In my eyes this IS a sad day!!!
Reply:Owh honey...please don't leave too!
Reply:Don't you dare desert this ship! We need all crewmen/women!

(We love you also...)
Reply:Sorry, I don't get it.

Why is everyone leaving?

Because of one person?

Hope to see you back soon:)

A poem for you to consume. Is it OK?


A Circle of Friends

by TD Euwaite

I came here one year ago today

To my dismay, the place was figgen’ crazy

I put in my two cents

And lost ten points…a bad start

I tried philosophy, psychiatry

And all the other maladies

I turned to recipes and trigonometries

But still, no one would talk to me

Race Cars, Gay Bars,

Areoplanes and Ships to Mars

It seemed the harder that I tried

The more I realized, I was a square

Then I came to poetry

A place where girls frolicked

…Some freely

Then the dudes, Todd, Dondi and you

Plastered up some beautiful stuff

I read and watched and listened in

To lessons taught by Cinn-o-min

Then I met a Totem tall

And heard from Paris, a gentle call

I got out some notes from long, long ago

Posted a couple of poems to show

I asked if I’m gentle, tender or sweet

“Oh, Yes!” was the word from dear Marguerite

Then, on a plane, along with Elaine

Game poets from Lisbon, Enid and Maine

A Spitfire flames, Arkansas rain

Again and again, they all joined in

Frazzizco, N’ork, Cabool and Brisbane

Buk with a cluck, Stooge with noodge

Tyler and Skyler and Suffolk’s bug Scrooge

All joined in some with some poetic sploodge…

The Moon and the Son

Guys with big guns

I can’t list them all

From Mary to Shelley

They’re all not too smelly

Now, deep in the mud

In by bright yellow Wellies

They fill up me pipe

And round out me belly

A poem for you to consume. Is it OK?

I haven't stopped by in a while.

Great to see you still contributing. This brought back memories of my newbie days where, like your good self, I found a comfortable place in poetry corner.

Tanx for the piece and for the peace. Nice to see that you still got that auld sea shanty'esque allegory going with the pipe filling and yellow wellies.

Must get the finger out and post some recent scribblings.


Reply:Alobar sits in the corner

Alobar tries not to cry

Alobar is still a foreigner

Alobar does not know why

Alobar posts his work

Alobar critiques for the good

Is Alobar considered a jerk

Or simply not understood?

Just kidding. Nice appreciation piece.
Reply:A lot can happen in a year. It feels like a YA generation is 3 months--so, it's almost equivalent to the history of the US.

I stop writing online for about 4 months and I feel like it's been forever.

Good memories...I'm glad you're so consistent here TD.
Reply:To Sakira_S......no, not chopped up, or unexplained. Things that happened a year ago. 'The Minion".

I so wish I could have been here then! To begin is hard...

To continue and make better is even harder!

We can do it!
Reply:A very good circle of consumption, but we all have something that you don't have in your circle TD. That something is TD Euwaite. Thanks for sharing this one.
Reply:That was so lovely to read....so lovely.....the way you got into a company of good friends...and this dear poetic circle...sometimes memories can be so sweet and gratifying like this...you took me to a world with this poem!!
Reply:I love this! Friends met on the hike. Much like a rucksack through Europe.

I do wish you had remembered me, just a little bit.
Reply:I have consumed this with delight. It was and is delicious. Those who are gone are not forgotten, the path goes both ways.
Reply:It's more a memoir poem than anything else. And I don't feel the love or meaning in it, not really. It feels chopped up and unexplained.
Reply:Oh dear...so many memories. All in one year. I came here on April 1 last year... There was no poetry section yet.
Reply:My heart has consumed it indeed. Beautiful memory and a lot of fun to read.
Reply:TD, done well this assemblage of words.
Reply:I love you too...i miss the chaotic crowd that we once had here. (without fights, hatred, prejudice and trolls that is...)
Reply:"Stooge" with "noodge?" "Shelley" with..."smelly?" Have you no shame, sir? Have the last few tatters of literary competence and common decency been ripped away from the fabric of your life?

P.S. I feel exactly the same way. In only a few short weeks, I honed in on this section as the most rewarding, thanks to the participation of many wise and talented people such as your self. Y/A has become important to me.

One major spelling error here. The correct form is "Noo Yawk."

A clarification for the benefit of the preceding contributor. The conditions of jerkiness and being misunderstood are not mutually exclusive. I can think of one or two shining examples among our coterie. (No names please, that would be chatting.)

Looking for a book ??

ok so i read this book in 7th grade and it was a book that i had to do a book report on and i read the book and it seemed really interesting to me i mean REALLY interesting to me and i dont get into books that much- unless its a lemony snicket book "a series of unfortunate events" but anyways about the book, i dont know what the name of this book is cause i forgot it .lol but i think somewhere in the title was rainy or something it was about this girl and boy who found a connection somewhere in their lives and the girl was involved in this play or something like that -i totally forgot this book- but the girls name im sure was marguerite some like that and the boys name was gilbert i think and there was this part in the book where he had to be somewhere with her and he ended up dying cause of a car accident and if i remember that day in the book it was raining...so please if you have anything about this book the title arthur just tell me ok thanks much !!!!!!
Looking for a book ??
II can only refer you to the source-link below that has been helpful to me several times - good luck and I hope you find your book !

Reply:Tkank you !

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  • bad acne
  • Where can i find ebooks of maya angelou?

    Maya Angelou was born on 4 April 1928, as Marguerite Johnson. She knows why the caged bird sings, and is only one of two American poets to write and read an inauguration poem for a president. The other one was Robert Frost for John Kennedy. Happy Birthday to Maya.
    Where can i find ebooks of maya angelou?
    I will repeat what I just told someone else. Ms. Angelou is in the business of selling books. They will not be in public domain until SEVENTY YEARS after her demise. To download books illegally puts the person whose name is on the internet service at your home in danger of getting caught and fined. To steal a book of Ms. Angelou's online is exactly the same as walking into her home and stealing a TV. Both her books and her TV are her possessions. If you cannot afford the books, there are libraries. It is very nice that you wished her happy birthday, and I second you on that, but do NOT steal her books. Pax - C.
    Reply:You do know she was also a prostitute and a madam in a brothel.

    Please help me choose pictures to go for the 4 changes of metamorphosis of a character?

    I have used Eddie from Five People You Meet In Heaven and I need pictures to go with each explanation. Any ideas?? These are the 4 stages:

    Eddie’s first metamorphosis was guilty. When Eddie died and went to heaven, he met the Blue Man. The Blue Man made Eddie feel guilty stating he caused his death by giving him a heart attack. Eddie ran into the street to get a ball and Blue Man swerved not to hit him, but he felt anxious and had a heart attack.

    Eddie’s second metamorphosis was angry. In heaven, Eddie learns that his former Army Captain died after he shot Eddie in the leg to help get out of the fire alive. He was angry because he wanted to save a child he thought he saw in the burning building, but found out the Captain died trying to sacrifice his life to save him and the other soldiers.

    Eddie’s third metamorphosis was relieved. He meets up with Ruby in a diner and she is the person who the pier is named after, Ruby’s Pier. Ruby teaches Eddie to let go of his anger he had for his father and explains to him that his father caught pneumonia by saving Mickey’s life instead of killing him for almost hurting his mother. Eddie realized his father was being loyal to his friend and went and told his father everything is okay now.

    Eddie’s fourth metamorphosis was blissful. He was walking into different wedding receptions and found his deceased wife, Marguerite. They had a long coversation about love. She explained that even when people die, their love doesn’t and that she loved him even after she died because true love is forever.
    Please help me choose pictures to go for the 4 changes of metamorphosis of a character?
    I'm not sure what you are needing. Are you looking for already done paintings depicting things like guilt and bliss, but without Eddie in them? Are you planning on drawing pictures yourself and need a scene? Are you looking for some kind of modern art graphics that express certain emotions? Background colors could be black for guilt, red for anger (with orange and yellow flames), aqua for bliss and peach for relief.
    Reply:Munch's The Scream -- anger.

    Or why not use chinese characters against colored backgrounds? http://www.living-chinese-symb... Report It